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Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a culmination of like-minded enterprise in the field of education. Engaged in the business to make learning into a fun-filled adventure, right from pre-school through primary and high school, especially in mathematics, Social science & Brain development. Our motto is to help students learn better with Sensory Based learning using their natural instincts to LISTEN, TOUCH AND IDENTIFY.

Viswam has embarked on a task to provide high quality programs and stood as a pioneer in the market introducing Enhancement education as School Association Programs (SAP), Fact Finders (FF) Labs for Academic support & School Services(SS) with skill & technology involvement in schools.


  •  10+ years of service
  •  Highly Favored School Education Products and Services SAP, Fact Finders & School Services
  •  Provider to over 3000+ schools in South India with all Indian Boards including government schools.
  •  100% professional support from the company.
  •  Revamped school micro -curriculum by introducing Listen! Touch! IDENTIFY! Methodology in teaching
  •  Over 10,00,000 students benefited from our portfolio of offerings
  •  Operating in 7 states across India
  •  Multiple education centers in US & CANADA
  •  Recommended by SCERT - KARNATAKA, AP, TELANGANA
  •  ISO certified
  •  Member of GAJMA & PAMA


To become the most sought after school Education Company in India.


To empower schools, teachers and students with the right tools and techniques to continuously improve K12 education.

Founders Message

Our focus is not just on listening and seeing, but also on letting children gain conceptual knowledge through real-life experience. Our teaching and learning aids, disguised as toys, equipment allow the learner to see a concept in action and also encourage the learner to try things out for herself. This in turn promotes scientific inquiry and a thirst to know and understand how things work .

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Sattvika foundation.

"SATTIVIKA FOUNDATION is a civil society organization to work with the people for a better society. "

"To Improve the quality of education in the private as well as government sector schools and educational institutions."

"To Organize different skill based education programs, workshops and trainings in government sector."
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Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
II Floor,A.N.K Towers, Plot No:162, HIG, Phase VI,KPHB Colony,Hyderabad-72.
Phone:   040-6459 2499, 9348099933
Email: info@vedutech.com
Link: www.vedutech.com

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