Business Offers

Business Offers


Any Individual who has zeal to excel to become an entrepreneur can become a Business partner with Viswam Edutech.

Business Opportunities:

  •  Master Franchisee schools model
  •  Franchisee Schools model
  •  Consultant Schools model.
  •  Course Instructor Abacus
  •  Course instructor Vedic maths
  •  Course instructor calligraphy
  •  Fact Finder Centre Skill Development Centre

Master Franchisee / Franchisee:

MF/F will be appointed on state/zone basis, where he has to expand the network by appointing franchisee in his state/zone. MF/F should identify the right candidate and appoint as a Franchisee where he needs to develop and generate prospective business in his allocated area. MF/F should assist the franchisee in all aspects of enhancing the business opportunity. MF/F should build the contacts with reputed schools for the implementation of our programs. MF/F should build the Course Instructor’s Network through his own marketing resources and channel partners.


  •  Should have an office (1000 Sqft approx) with all amenities for Training room, Reception, Councilors Space and Management desk.
  •  Should provide own marketing staff and promotional activities to enhance the business as per statutory requirements.
  •  Master Franchisee License fee is vary from state to state/zone basis

Fact Finder Centre/ Course Instructors (Abacus, Vedic Maths , Calligraphy):

  •  Any person male or female who loves to teach for the age group of 5-14 years children can become a course instructor. He/She gets registered with company by paying Licensing fee and avail training in interested program.
  •  The company will specify training schedules on time-to-time basis.Employed people, Housewives, College Students, and Part time employee can become a Course Instructor, where they need to conduct classes’ only 2hours per week without interrupting their job/family life. Course Instructors can earn decent income by spending 8-10 hrs per month.
  •  They can conduct classes at their residence/near by school after school hours.

PRO’s / Consultants:

We are providing an excellent opportunity for the people who are associated with Educational Institutions and good liaison with Academic related people/Management. Here Public Relation Officers (PRO) will avail all the necessary information from the company regarding on all programs that are conducting. With his own contacts and influence he will get associated with any School / Educational Institution and ensure that company’s program will implement for one Academic year/specified by the contract. PRO will work on freelancing basis. He will be rewarded with profit sharing on each contract. PRO’s are flexible to work any place in India.

Business Basics :

  •  Business Agreements
  •  Infrastructure
  •  Technical know-how
  •  Management & System Support
  •  Revenue sharing
  •  Return on investment
  •  Quality Policy

Why We Only?

  •  Exclusive children based products to market.
  •  Business based on exclusiveness, we want our Channel partners to grow.
  •  System is established and proven; just follow it to get success.
  •  100% professional support from the company.
  •  Close observation and supervision from Head office in all aspects of business generation and service
  •  Training from professional and specialized experts in ABACUS, Vedic Maths , Calligraphy , Fact Finder training.

Benefits of starting this business:

As you aware that Education is becoming necessary to everyone day by day. Today world has changed very much towards Globalization and everyone know that education will lead them in a disciplined, knowledgeable and skillful way and such a professionally talented person can lead the life and be a successful person in facing the challenges. In, World Scenario ever-growing sectors include Education Industry , it stood first place and whereas the Government also gives prime importance to eradicate illiteracy in nationwide and so many international organizations like World bank, UNSECO and UNICEF are funding for education in India.

We are here to provide the best for the child society, which will enhance their mental abilities along with their school education and make them more challenging, intelligent and dynamic citizens of future India.

So, associating a business, which is related to education, will be prosperous and profitable opportunity.

Yes, you have chosen a right business with us where we will grow in this evolving industry by providing enhancement education to the children U r Ur Boss

  •  Minimum start-up,
  •  Never ending business
  •  System is established and proven; just follow it to get success.
  •  Market with no limitations, no restrictions, unconstrained, boundless.
  •  Break-even point within 6months.
  •  Low risk

Support from the company

  •  Marketing & promotion
  •  Operation
  •  Business planning
  •  Business administration management
  •  Sales and customer service
  •  Marketing material

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Sattvika foundation.

"SATTIVIKA FOUNDATION is a civil society organization to work with the people for a better society. "

"To Improve the quality of education in the private as well as government sector schools and educational institutions."

"To Organize different skill based education programs, workshops and trainings in government sector."
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