School Association Programs

School Association Programs


VISWAM EDUTECH SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is dealing with number of brain enhancement programs under the name of SCHOOL ASSOCIATION PROGRAMS in short SAP. It includes Abacus, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy (hand writing program), Intellectual lab & Educational DVD's.

We Offer:

Program Benefits:

  •  These programs are purely based on brain enhancement of a child like development of mental arithmetic
  •  Good rational thinking
  •  Promoting holistic approach of learning
  •  Develops values of a child.
  •  Development of life time skills like concentration
  •  Listening skills
  •  Memory and creativity
  •  Developing self reliance of child


All the above programs are dealt with schools on mandatory or optional basis.

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Sattvika foundation.

"SATTIVIKA FOUNDATION is a civil society organization to work with the people for a better society. "

"To Improve the quality of education in the private as well as government sector schools and educational institutions."

"To Organize different skill based education programs, workshops and trainings in government sector."
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